Vision, Mission and Goals


A superior study program and a reference in the development of management disciplines in 2020.


  • Organizing higher education to produce professional and quality human resources in the field of business management and with a global perspective.
  • Carrying out research and development of knowledge to produce superior academic work and become a reference in the field of business management.
  • Providing services to the community through the application of science and technology in the field of business management.
  • Organizing institutional cooperation with various parties to improve the quality and performance of study programs.
  • Developing communication networks with alumni.
  • Organizing organization, management and administration based on the principles of sustainability and accountability.


  • Producing graduates who are able to compete in global competition.
  • Producing works in the fields of science and technology, especially those related to business management disciplines that are beneficial to mankind, especially society and the environment
  • Developing skills and expertise in solving management problems in the fields of Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.
  • Adding sufficient knowledge of business management for students in the context of developing sustainable knowledge and education.
  • Producing research and development that is weighted in the field of business management to solve business problems.


Accreditation Certificate (2 October 2018 - 2 October 2023)