The Faculty of Economics, State University of Malang with the Directorate General of Funding and Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia held the Socialization of Government Securities (SUN). The activity was carried out in the FE UM Hall on Monday, August 28, 2015.

This activity aims to provide an understanding to the academic community in the FE UM about the complexity of budget issues and the issuance policy of Sovereign Debt Instruments. Resource persons in this activity came from officials of the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

Resource persons included Mrs. Wulandari Fujiastuti (Head of Financial Market Analysis Support Section, Directorate of Government Securities, DJPPR) and Novi Puspita Wardani (Head of Section for Implementation of SUN and Derivative Transactions II, Directorate of Government Securities, DJPPR).
In his opening remarks, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr. H. Budi Eko Soejtipto, M.Ed., M.Si said that the debt policy carried out by the government must be carried out with prudent management so that it does not have big risk implications for the country's economy. So that the debt policy that is carried out must also be accompanied by the use of the budget effectively and efficiently.

This activity was attended by 250 participants from FE UM students and lecturers as well as several lecturers from other universities around the State University of Malang. In his presentation, the resource person provides background information on the issuance of Sovereign Debt Instruments and how the bonds are managed so that they do not cause negative impacts or risks to the Indonesian economy.