Vision, Mission and Goals


Excellent study program and become a reference in the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education in the field of Business Administration education


  • Producing graduates who are intelligent, religious, have noble, independent, and are able to develop professionally as educators or other professional fields
  • To produce superior scientific and creative work and become a reference in the field of trade administration education
  • Producing community service work through the application of the field of commerce system education
  • Producing effective and efficient institutional performance to ensure the sustainable growth of the quality of the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education


Field of Educational Development, Teaching and Student Affairs

  • Developing a Business Administration education curriculum that is responsive to changes and in line with the vision, mission and goals so as to produce alumni who are professional in the field of Commerce education
  • Increasing the quality of lecturers and educational staff of the study program
  • Increasing the quality of the teaching and learning process through a good quality assurance system
  • Developing an alumni network system that contributes to the development of learning and professional development through strengthening alumni association organizations

Research Development Sector

  • Developing theoretical and system studies in the context of developing the field of Commerce Administration
  • Improve research work that excels in the field of Commerce education that is able to become a guiding system for the development of a national education system through the development of quality assurance of academic and research work
  • Build a documentation system and publication of the results of studies and research so that it is easily accessible to the public

Community Service Development Sector

  • Encouraging an increase in the real contribution of the Prodi civitas to society, especially in the field of education
  • Developing cooperation with stakeholders related to both national and international levels increases the role and contribution of the study program to the wider community

Field of Institutional Performance Development

  • Developing institutional performance that refers to quality standards and puts forward the principles of good governance (good governance)
  • Develop a good management information system to support the management of study programs
  • Developing institutional cooperation with various parties
  • Developing organizational culture and academic culture
  • Developing a management pattern for facilities and infrastructure for academic activities and services for all stake holders


Accreditation Certificate (14 November 2018 - 14 November 2023)